God called Jim Dombroski to preach

in April of 1988 while he was attending Bible school. After graduating from Bible Institute in 1989, Pastor Dombroski served as Deacon and Director of Discipleship for 20 years in his home church in Ohio. He also served at various times during those 20+ years as Sunday School Director and Teacher, Song Leader and was involved in the outreach ministries of street work, visitation, and nursing home ministries.

Although he was called to preach over 25 years ago, it was not until the spring of 2013 that the door was opened for Jim to begin to lead Faith Baptist Church as their pastor.  His ongoing goal is to invest in and "grow" people by training them in the Word of God.

He and his wife, Diane, continue to be excited as they visit, meet and minister to the community through various outreach ministries. As we prayerfully consider what the Lord would have us do with and through the ministry He has given us, our hope and prayer is that it includes you.  We look forward to see what great things the Lord has in store.